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We are a team

We are a team of virtual assistants dedicated to helping network marketers gain control, power and freedom back in their business and in their lives. 

Our team

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I worked as an administrator for many years and have contributed my creativity to different ministries and organizations. I am passionate to see people become who they were meant to be. 

I am a lover of culture and travel. I adore seeing how different we are from each other and enjoy meeting new people from all over the world in the process. I mostly travel as a singing missionary with my family. That is my passion and my "why".


Team Persona

I am the team's persona. I handle all communications and make sure that they are happy! You can find me on Facebook chatting about your needs. Responsibility and care are my values and I seek to offer my services to help people take their time back.


Team Member

I have a wide experience in leadership and working in the corporate setting. I am also an outgoing person who loves to travel, do outdoor activities and make music.


My "why" is my family. I pursue success to provide for them and give them a better life.



Team Member

I love to read, run, and play video games. I love reading manga and I always stay up to date with titles that I like even if its only a chapter that releases.

I am motivated to succeed by wanting to retire early and to be financially independent, while having no worries. Basically I want to be able to laze around earlier! 😜



Team Member

My passion is to travel and bake. I travel to different places because seeing amazing places and knowing about its culture makes me feel alive. I bake savory dishes and sweet treats on my free time and when I am not traveling. There’s this fulfillment from successfully making something edible out of a very precise and accurate set of procedures.

My ultimate why is to achieve happiness in this lifetime. It may sound vague and broad, but I believe that as long as the things I pursue makes me happy, then I am guaranteed that I will succeed. A huge part of success is how you enjoy the journey towards it.



Team Member

"We cannot give what we do not have" - Greg Herbert

Sharing my time, talents and passion is what I love to do. This is also how I learn from others and explore beyond my capabilities. It helps me develop and acquire skills that can only be learned through shared experiences. 

But more than anything, there is one thing I love to share - Love. A simple act of love creates an endless ripple that can touch and change many lives. 

If you are organized, teachable, and have a
heart ready to serve. Join our Team VA!

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