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Trust us. We know

It takes a lot of effort and serious dedication to establish your network marketing business. Learning these skills can be daunting especially if you have other priorities in mind. We value YOU and that's what separates us from others


We help network marketers who lack direction gain freedom and power back in their business and in their lives through services that are tailor-fit to their network marketing needs. This sets our service apart from others. Our wide-range of packages provide the means to be able to support network marketers at every level


Our mission

We are committed to provide wholistic support so we can help Network Marketers  meet their business goals.

Sarah's story


Sarah is a mom who just recently joined the network marketing space. She loves to meet new people and knew that this industry is something she can thrive in. 

However, though time is a lot more flexible for her now, there are many technologies and responsibilities she needs to undertake to be able to grow her team which is something that she finds difficult to keep up with. 

In her wooden office room, Sarah chats with a friend while working on her monitoring excel sheet for her prospects.  


She shares her struggles of having to manage her responsibilities as a team leader while keeping up with her children's homeschooling.


Her friend suggested that she get a virtual assistant to help out with the things she could not do.


Sarah stumbles across Your Team VA, a team specialized to assist network marketers.


She makes a booking for a discovery call and the rest is history.

Within months of supporting Sarah, she was able to grow and manage her downline efficiently, and was able to focus on making connections and growing her online presence. 

Now that she is leading a balanced life, she is able to concentrate on moving her business further, making her own website, starting a blog and her own YouTube channel.


Her streams of income have increased and she is now able to take her freedom and power back.. 

"Your Team VA made my life a breeze."

What we value the most

Excellence is our top priority when providing our services. We move as a team and we value relationship building with our clients.

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